What is Kuro Tome Sode?
What makes the Long Cardigan from WATASI JAPAN become so special?

WATASI JAPAN’s Long Cardigan is a remake from a special kimono called Kuro Tome Sode.

Kuro Tome Sode is a silk komono that has a special pattern around the lower part of the kimono. Japanese people only buy Kuro Tome Sode once in a life time. The price of Kuro Tome Sode is around 200,000 Yen (20 million Rupiah or 1800 USD) to 1,000,000 Yen (100 million rupiah or 8970 USD).

The process of making Kuro Tome Sode takes 2 weeks to about a month. 2500 km of silk thread is needed to make one piece of Kuro Tome Sode.

In Japan, Kuro Tome Sode is a special formal attire and only used in wedding ceremony. The one who wear Kuro Tome Sode has to have some kind of relation to the groom and the bridge.

The patterns on Kuro Tome Sode is special because they were made only once, so the patterns on each Kuro Tome Sode is different from the others. The patterns on Kuro Tome Sode also has the meaning of hope, happiness, and luck. Most of the patterns on Kuro Tome Sode are about the beauty of nature. 

Kimono for special occasion.
Kimono that has special patterns.
Kuro Tome Sode.

WATASI JAPAN proudly present our staff’s handmade Long Cardigan from Kuro Tome Sode.

Kuro Tome Sode

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