kimono abaya

What is kimono Abaya?

Abaya is the clothes that Muslim women in the Middle East are coming to hide their lines. Many colors are black, and in Saudi Arabia it is obliged when women go out. Kimono abaya of WATASI JAPAN is Abaya which can fulfill Japanese culture and tradition which fused Japanese and Muslim fashion which has only one world in the world by using genuine vintage kimono (especially black sleeve) .

Kimono Abaya's Features

1. There are using a real vintage kimono.
2. Abaya is a silk product.
Silk has various effects to protect cocoa originally.
· "Antibacterial action" It prevents the propagation of the bacteria on its own, it also has a deodorizing effect.
· 'Skin touch of unique smoothness of silk'
- "Skin-friendly" Silk made from protein containing amino acids is close to the human skin
· "Excellent hygroscopicity, moisture release" Because it has more water absorption and moisture release than cotton, even if you sweat it absorbs water, excess moisture releases moisture. You can spend refreshingly even in areas where perspiration is easy.
· "UV cut" Protect your skin from hot sunlight.
· Because silk products are weak to water, it is difficult to wash, but silk has its own antibacterial effect, so normal care can be dealt with only in the shade.

3. There is only one in the world
Kimono of WATASI JAPAN Abaya is made by reproducing genuine kimono.
Only one in the world , you can enjoy Abaya.

4. We conduct interviews with Muslim people and develop products.

At WATASI JAPAN, we are developing products under the cooperation of mosques and Muslims from various countries in Japan. It is safe and perfect for souvenirs for Muslim people.

5. Kimono Avaya is a silk product, so it is characterized by being hard to wrinkle.
There are some cocoons that are used for vintage kimono, which are almost not made from Japanese cocoons at present. Japanese cocoons are more difficult to wrinkle than the current overseas cocoons, and they are characterized by unique smoothness and tension.

6. Ideal for topicality as a souvenir for overseas!
Kimono which is a symbol of Japanese culture is outstanding topical. Ideal for souvenirs of friends and business partners
is. Kimono There are various patterns on Abaya. The meaning is put in each one of that pattern.
For example)

The abaya is free size.
Fabric : Silk 100%






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