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<Fusion of Japanese Traditional Culture and Islamic Culture>

This hijab is made from traditional Japanese kimono fabric, known for its beauty and quality. It is a unique piece resulting from the fusion of both cultures. The selected patterns and colors are carefully chosen to appeal to those of the Islamic faith.

<A Perfect Gift>

This hijab is an ideal gift for Muslim friends. It is made from authentic kimonos selected by our expert staff, and each piece is handcrafted, making it a rare and precious item with only one in existence in the world.


Additionally, it is lightweight and compact, fitting easily into a suitcase without taking up much space, making it a perfect souvenir for travel. It is also ideal for trips to Islamic countries.

<A Hijab Full of Style>

This hijab, combining the traditional Japanese kimono and Islamic hijab, has a unique design that is sure to attract attention wherever you go.

Size: Width approximately 66cm, Length approximately 185cm
Material: Polyester

<Care Instructions>

  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Avoid using bleach or strong detergents.
  • Be cautious of strong friction and scratches.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight or high-temperature areas.

Note: This product is made from vintage kimonos, so it may have slight stains, dirt, frays, or discoloration. Please understand.

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