INDONESIA MEDIA(TransTV  Jazirah Islam Trans7 Jakarta)

INDONESIA MEDIA(TransTV Jazirah Islam Trans7 Jakarta)


WATASI JAPAN's representative, Junko Nawa, got interviewed for the popular TV program "Jazirah Islam Trans 7" from TRANS 7, Indonesia's television station.

The concept is the Indonesian presenters came to rental kimono shop in Asakusa and when they still searching for kimono, they feel something is missing. In that moment, Junko Nawa asWATASI JAPAN's representative came and recommending the Kimono Hijab.

It was the first time we had shooting with television station from overseas. We really had wonderful encounter and had a great time when do the shooting. We are also get in touch with Asakusa's rental kimono company where the shooting was held, and we are also still planning about sales of WATASI JAPAN' s Kimono Hijab in the rental stores.

The broadcast is scheduled to be aired in Indonesia during Ramadan.

We will give more information as soon as detailed schedule is decided. Please have a look at the program!


インドネシア大手テレビ局TRANS 7 JAKARTAの人気番組Jazirah Islam Trans7 Jakartaに代表の名和が取材頂きました。




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