Islamic souvenir basic knowledge

Islamic souvenir basic knowledge

Be careful with souvenirs for Muslims.

What should I send to souvenirs? Isn't there a lot of people who are worried?

Having a basic knowledge of Islam may be necessary when choosing a souvenir.

So, first of all, where are many Muslims?

Speaking of Islam, is it the Middle East?
In Japanese images, Muslims may have the most in the Middle East.
However, as you can see in the graph below, it is 1st Indonesia, 2nd place Pakistan, 3rd place India, surprisingly close to Japan.

1st place Indonesia
2nd place Pakistan
3rd place India
4th place Bangladish
5th place Iran
6th place Turkey
7th place Afghanistan
8th place Uzbekistan
9th place China
 10th place Malaysia

What should I be careful about with Islam?

You may hear the word "Haral". This is "forgiving" in Islam
It means. Conversely, "haram" means something that is not allowed.

Be careful not to make a Haram as a gift.

It is better to be careful when giving a present to Muslims

1. Don't eat pork

Pigs are regarded as unclean animals in Islam. Therefore, those that may contain pork cannot be eaten.
Things contained in Japanese sweets, for example, gelatin, this is a pig -derived food, so it is NG.

2. Don't drink alcohol

It is also harum to consume alcohol because people can make mistakes by consuming alcohol.
Japanese food uses a lot of mirin and cooking sake. Foods containing these alcohol are also harums.

An example of Haram that Japanese people do not notice
Gelatin (pig), mirin (liquor), lard (pig), ramen (pig bones, char siu) instant foods (rich in pigs -derived oils and fats)
Looking at the back of the food package, it is surprisingly common to use Haram.

3. Banbaltable worship

Prohibition of idol worship
In Islam, idol worship is prohibited. Islamic is the most emphasized of God's only nature, so there is no painting expression of a prophet.

Those that draw people and animals are basically not preferred.
For example, it is better to think that dolls and animals, which are often used in souvenirs, are not preferred.

The content described this time is a basic thing, and there is a different idea of ​​how to perceive the precepts.

I think it would be helpful for Muslim to choose a gift that would be very pleased.

Thank you for reading to the end.