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Muslims are pleased. Hijab made from a real kimono

Muslims are pleased. Hijab made from a real kimono

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Hime Hijab is a product that combines Kimono, a traditional Japanese costume, and Islamic Hijab. The kimono carefully selected by the specialized staff is tailored as a hijab.

Many women in the Islamic world are wearing Hijab.

Hijab has different hijabs depending on the country and region.

This Hijab is a hijab that mainly prefers Muslims in Southeast Asia.

It can be used not only for Hijab but also as a stall and tablecloth.

The kimono pattern has a message since ancient times. How about a present as a gift with a gift of a modest beauty of the Japanese who thinks about the pattern as a gift as a gift?

This product has many chrysanthemum patterns.

Click here for patterns


Size: Approximately 182㎝ x about 63㎝

Material: Silk

Color: gray

Main patterns: pine

 * Since vintage kimonos are used, please purchase diverse scratches, rubbing, spots, etc. as vintage tastes.


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