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New work! Rare red Aloha Heian picture scroll

New work! Rare red Aloha Heian picture scroll

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Only today!

Quiet and strong Ginza Aloha

Ginza, Tokyo, an adult town.

Let's go to Ginza in Dandiaroha!

Ginza Aloha is the one and only the highest class Dandiaroha made from the finest kimono.

Ginza's mom who is familiar with kimono falls in love with the highest quality Aloha.

Wear a noble, strong, beautiful kimono, and go to Dandy to the city!

Dandiaroha is a gem that has been carefully selected and carefully selected kimono, and is a specialty of sewing craftsmen. From the past to the future, Dandiaroha is the only one in the world that takes over traditional culture and keeps Japanese technology.



Collar: Soft collar

In order to make it a softer collar, we are considering the balance of the upper collar and lower collar.


A handle is placed on the pocket and collar.

It is a product that simply feels history from the back from the front.

Size: M

The size table isFrom here

Material: Silk

Color:It contains rare red color.

Button (wooden button made from apple tree pruning branches)

* Please use dry cleaning for washing.

* This product is up -cycle of vintage black tomesode. Please purchase some stains for some stains.




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