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[To those who are looking for an important person abroad to find a present] There is only one piece of kimono Aberaya in the world who is pleased with Muslims is ideal for special souvenirs for important people.

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Kimono Aberaya is a product that combines Aberaya, a traditional costume of Japanese traditional costumes and Middle East Islamic costumes. Movies that specialized staff have been carefully selected from any tons of kimono are tailored as Abaya.

Abaya is wearing in Islamic areas around the world.

Many women in the Islam are wearing a costume with reduced skin exposure.

Abaya is worn even in the Islamic area in Southeast Asia as well as Middle East.

In addition, Abaya can be used as an outer.

It can also be used when traveling to the Middle East.

The kimono pattern has a message from ancient times. How about the important person of Japanese people who feel the handle, as a gift as a gift for overseas people think about it as a present?

This product is drawn with a luxurious chrysanthemum.

Please see the message included with the pattern.

MessageFrom here




Size: Free size

Length 75 cm

130 cm land

Material: silk


※ As we use vintage kimono, diverse scratches, rubbing, stains, etc. will be purchased after understanding the vintage taste.