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Kurotome Sode Long Cardigan

Kurotome Sode Long Cardigan

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Kuro Tome Sode Long Cardigan
This item is made from vintage Kuro Tome Sode(high-class Kimono) 
What is Kuro Tome Sode ? 
Kuro Tome Sode is the highest ranked Kimono that the mother of the bride and groom wear at the wedding ceremony.
For Japanese woman, Kuro Tome Sode is a very valuable kimono

because there are a lot of hopes for their children happiness and
luck in Kuro Tome Sode’s patterns
It contains many patterns. Messages are put in these patterns.

For example, the pattern of chrysanthemum has a meaning of health, longevity. This is because chrysanthemum has been used as a medicine in Japan since long ago. In this way, the Japanese have a culture that allows messages to be put on items to wear. This product is only one item in the world. This item made from vintage kimono is a product that you can feel the tradition of Japan with culture. 

You can wear it both in formal occasion or casual style.
The long cardigan is free size. Size : 110 cm (length)
Fabric : Silk 100% on the pattern part and polyester 100% on the back part.The picture of the model is just a sample.
Customs duty and shipping fee must be paid by customer
※Hijab is not included in the product


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