Introduction of Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~

Introduction of Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~

Good Afternoon!
After the Long Cardigan from Kuro Tome Sode, we would like to introduce our products, Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~! 

Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~ is a original design hijab series by WATASI JAPAN. The Sakura patterns on the hijab is a Nihon-ga, painted by Masuda Reika.

Nihon-ga are the paintings that painted with Japanese traditional technique. The painting technique is by draw small dots and line until the illustration complete. Nowadays, only few people who mastering the nihon-ga painting technique. 

The pigments of the ink of Nihon-ga made from natural ingredients that dried and powdered. One of special characteristics from Nihon-ga is the soft-textured painting result. 

With the soft-textured painting, WATASI JAPAN also use a special technique to print the patterns to the hijab. Using the special technique, the Sakura patterns can be printed without fading the texture and looks as same as the original painting.

The colour of the Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~ is the favorite colour that choosen when we joined exhibition in Tohoku University. Sakura Hijab ~Reika Series~ very popular among Indonesian on Fashion Event at Kota Casabanka on January 2016.