Collection: Abaya

A dignified and refreshing moment.

Hana Abaya is noble, strong, and beautifully wearing a kimono.It is the unique product born from the fusion of kimono and Islam.

 What is Hana Abaya?

Hana Abaya is an outerwear that hides the body line along the Islamic commandment. In the Middle East, some countries are required to go out. Watasi JAPAN's Hana Abaya is made of real vintage kimonos. Kimono and Islamic encounters create new value.

 Characteristics of kimono Abaya
1. We use carefully selected kimonos.
2. Advanced pattern matching technology
3We are developing products by making use of the voices of Muslims.

We are interviewing Muslims.

Abaya is a product that can be used for various purposes.
1. Ideal for topical souvenirs overseas!
Kimonos, a symbol of Japanese culture, are outstanding topical. Ideal for souvenirs for friends and business partners
The kimono pattern is meaningful.

[Representative pattern]
The expanded shape represents the development and prosperity.

Because it is evergreen, it expresses the meaning of longevity.