customer's voice

 Di M Sea Corporation Corporation
[Reasons and impressions of purchasing]
We also have a production base in Indonesia, accepting Indonesian employees working there as foreign technical interns every year. A few years ago, we have presented Hishabu as a souvenir before the apprentices return.

 Among the communication with the apprentices, there was a strong hope that I would like to give a gift to my wife who sent out and protected my family for one year.
On the homepage, she checked her Watasijapan's Hijab design with the apprentice, and after returning home, they talked to their wives on their mobile phones (free video calls) and their wife's taste.
I was a little there, but I was able to touch the warm time that I could recognize that the time of returning home was gradually approaching between the couple.
From the trainees who returned to Japan, the design was abundant and there were many options.
He said, "The material is good and I want to wear it at a special time."
The combination of Japanese kimonos and the culture of Hijab in other countries is very effective in understanding each other's culture. I also felt very proud that kimono hijab was made in the local (Shirakawa).
The above is the reason and impression that our company has purchased.
[Impressions from the apprentices given]
The hijab is wonderful, the material is soft, and it looks beautiful when your wife wears it. Thank you very much.

My Kazoku was fun.
Thank you very much.

S (resident in Saitama Prefecture)
[I purchased a long cardigan and a hijab set]
I received the product. I really like it this time. Good to buyIt is a tan.
If the Hijab and Long Cardigan are together, the luxury will increase.hey.
It looks gorgeous because the pattern is gorgeous (* ̄∇ ̄) ノ
The feelings of the staff are transmitted.
Please continue to make good products.

[I purchased kimono Abaya]

I Felt Beautiful and Got So Many Compilements While Wearing My Watasi Kimono Abaya In Saudi Arabia! Thank You.
(Watasi JAPAN's kimono Abaya was very beautiful and many people gave praise. Thank you very much. In Saudi Arabia. )

S (resident in Saitama Prefecture)
[I purchased kimono Abaya]
I really like Abaya purchased this time. When I decided to make Abaya from my mother's kimono, it was already after her sister had taken it. I bought it after recalling Watasi Japan. I was small, so if I didn't pack the length, I decided to fix it. The people in the shop were impressed by saying, "It's nice." I'm planning to order pre -ordered items, but I'm wondering whether to make Abaya or a long cardigan.
[With Abaya againI purchased the pre -ordered product (long cardigan)]
Both of them have a wonderful Japanese pattern. It was good because the long cardigan could be worn without slipping. However, the fan pattern was broken, so I thought it was a waste.
I like everything I bought. I wonder if I should wear it myself ( ̄ ▽  ̄;)
Long Cardigan can be worn more easily than Abaya, so I plan to go out during the consecutive holidays.
Please continue to make gorgeous patterns.
I want to buy again.
Thank you for making a long cardigan with all your heart.

I came to pick strawberries today.
Long Cardigan's friend was good (* ̄∇ ̄) ノ
I like the shape and pattern of the long cardigan.

Mr. S (living in Kyoto)
I understand that all products are made very carefully. If it is made in foreign countries, the quality of the cloth may be poor or there will be fine frays, but it is still worrisome for Japanese people. Not only your products, but I would like to continue using it in the future.

(Lives in Hyogo Prefecture)
I usually use Hijab only when I pray, but I thought it would be nice to have something that could be easily worn, so I was impressed with the perfect product for me. In fact, it would be nice to be able to use it when going outside, but there are still difficult things. It is true that I want to wear it and be dignified as a Japanese muslim, but it is difficult to do it easily. I go to see my husband's family at the end of the year, so I am considering purchasing it as a souvenir. I think it is convenient for children because it can be easily done. Moreover, because it is made in Japan, it seems to be visible to be proud of everyone. I thought it would be nice to have more colors. looking forward to contact with you again.

Asli(Lives in Fukushima Prefecture)
"Watasi JAPAN's inner Hyjab and Instant Hijab are comfortable. The inner is cool and cool in Indonesia.
Instant Hijab has a polite sewing and excellent durability. It is also fascinating to use beautiful Japanese threads in Indonesia that are not in Indonesia. "
The inner and instant hijab from WATASI JAPAN are very easy to wear. The fabric of the inner very good and make the inner very cool. The stitches of the instant hijab very neat and strong. The original thread from Japan that used for the inner and HIJAB IS ONE OF THE CHARMS.


 I purchased Watasi JAPAN instant hijab

Ira(Lives in Fukushima Prefecture)
"Watasi JAPAN's kimono Hijab has a traditional Japanese pattern and can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Japan. I think it is suitable for souvenirs in Indonesia."
The Kimono Hijab from WATASI JAPAN has Japanese traditional patterns and I enjoy the Japanese unique atmosphere while wearing the Hijab. I think the Kimono Hijab is really suitable for souvenir to Indonesia.