Souvenir points that Muslims will be happy with

Which country do you look for souvenirs for Muslims in any country?

Watasi Japan offers souvenirs that will please Muslims. The list of souvenirsHere


For Southeast Asian people such as Indonesia and MalaysiaHereSouvenir is the best. If you are looking for souvenirs for people in the Middle EastHereis. In addition, customers who are suffering from traveling to the Islamic areaHereThe product is best.

If you are staying in the Islamic area due to your work or your family, you will often be invited to a local party. In such a caseHereHow about the product? If you bring a kimono, you will have various problems, such as the trouble of dressing and the large amount of luggage. This kimono Abaya can be worn easily. Also, when you actually participate in the party, you will show you the splendor of Japanese kimonos and the conversation will be bounced. In fact, our products are active in various places.

 From now on, we will introduce the souvenir points that Muslims will be happy with. First of all, Muslims love flowers. Why love flowers? In a warm country, there are large flowers, but there are few small flowers like cherry blossoms, and many Muslim women prefer pale flowers like Japanese cherry blossoms and nemophila. I also like flower language.

Click here for Japanese flowers (in preparation)

There are also points to be careful. Muslims are prohibited to worship idols. Those that contain the patterns of animals such as people and birds are not particularly suitable for Hijab. If it is food, the food derived from pigs and alcohol are NG. Japanese sweets contain many pigs derived from gelatin. Please be careful when purchasing.


Many Muslims live in a warm country. And many women want to make their skin look white. Hijab comes around the face, so I prefer a pale color that makes the face brighter. If you choose a gift for Muslims in Indonesia Malaysia, you will be pleased if you choose a pale knee especially.

I offer colors, patterns, and designs that are pleased with Muslims from my experience. Many Muslims will not know the hijab made from real kimonos. Please tell us that this is a real kimono when you give a kimono hijab. If you can give a Japanese culture that thinks about the pattern as a gift, you will surely have a nice smile.

Kimono Hijab of souvenir popularityFrom here

You may be careful about gifts for Muslims. Feel free to consult usHerePlease consult more.

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