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[I reported to the Governor of the Uchibori Fukushima Prefecture of the venture award.】 


[2019.12.14] NHK News Good Morning Japan.
【2019.12.9】Introduced at NHK NEWS Web Phottain Eye Cameraman's Eye. You can also see it from NHK's Facebook and Twitter.
【2019.11.28】Broadcasted in the Chinese version of NHK WORLD.
【2019.10.8】It was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Tohoku version.
2019.10.6] NHK Comprehensive Program "I understand this! Now in the world" Watasi JAPAN was introduced on national broadcasting from 18:05.

【2019.10.2】Broadcast on NHK WORLD-JAPAN.You can watch this on NHK On Demand

2019.09.10It was introduced on Watasi JAPAN domestic overseas broadcasting on NHK International Broadcasting "International Press 2019 NHK BS1 World Watching".
【2019.07.17】Watasi Japan was introduced throughout Tohoku in the NHK comprehensive "Hamanaka Aizu".
[June 22]
At NHK World, we introduced Watasijapan in 150 countries around the world.
[June 6]
We had NHK World GREAT GEAR covered.
Currently, it can be watched on demand for about a year.
Watasi Japan is introduced in the second half of the second half.
【2019.3.18】Our article was featured in Fukushima Minposha
2019.2.14] We had a positive visit to Governor Uchibori (now Governor Fukushima Prefecture) as a report of the venture award.
The governor said, "If you tell me that you came from Fukushima, most people are coming from that Fukushima, but you've come from Fukushima, who is doing your best! Let's make Fukushima, which can be said to have come from Fukushima with confidence, "and said that the words entered my heart and I wanted to do my best again.
This time, I am very happy that I met many people through the venture award.
Thanks for everyone's support, I will do my best in the future!

[2019.2.9] To the mayor of Saigo VillageVenture award -winning reportI did it.
【2019.2.7】We reported the award of the venture award to the prefectural Minami Promotion Bureau.
【2019.2.4】Mayor Shirakawa reported the award for the venture award.
[2019.1.22] Fukushima Venture Award (sponsored by Fukushima Prefecture) is held, and our representative name.We won the Excellence Award (JBIA Award).

2018.10.24】Indonesia at Konahama Tokiwaen, Long -Term Care Health FacilityWe held a cultural understanding course.
[2017 9.25] Halal Media JAPAN, a Japanese information site for Muslim, which has a great trust in Japan and overseas, was introduced!
"From Japan to the world. Now, the Japanese pattern Muslim fashion is hot!"

  Click here for "Black Tomesode Hijab" introduced in Halal Media JAPAN

[2017.6.29] We have been introduced to enjoing tohoku for Muslims and Vegetarians! Like with happy comments from Japan and overseas! I have a lot!
[2017 6.2] Fukushima Prefectural Asaka Kaikari High School gave a lecture on "international understanding".
[2017.5.23, 24 days] FM Fukushima Toyota "Morinang from here" was broadcast.
[2017.5.6] Broadcast on Fukushima Central Television "Amane Story".
[2017.4.25] Fukushima Central TV 5 o'clock Tele CHU was broadcast.
[2017.2.28] We talked with Mayor Shirakawa.
【2017.2.9】 The Asahi Shimbun Michinoku Economy [Challenge] was published in "Hijab unique to Japan".
【2016.12.24】The Jakarta Shimbun "Dissemination to the Muslim Area is also published in the field of selling Hijabu's Hijab in Fukushima Prefecture."
【2016.11.25】  NHK News Good Music from Japan. It was broadcast at the forefront of "Muslim Fashion"
[2016.10.17] It was published in the Jakarta Shimbun "100,000 people at the Ankruni Friendship Festival that resonates with Yoyogi".
2016.6.21] It was published in Fukushima Mitsuyoshi "A Japanese Hyjab spread".
[2016.6.11] Kyodo News (China Shimbun) was published in "Islamic Fashion from Japan".
[2016.6.10] Kyodo News (Tooku Nippo) was published in "Islamic Costume from Japan".
【2015.10.19】 It was published in the Jakarta Shimbun, "We will expand the place for six months since the establishment of a Japanese tasting association for Muslim".

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