Mrs. M (lives in Hyogo, Japan)
Usually, I only wear hijab when praying. I prefer a hijab that easy to wear, that is what WATASI JAPAN's product is very suitable for me.
I am really happy to get WATASI JAPAN's product.
Actually, I hope I can wear hijab even when I am going out, but that is a bit difficult in here (Japan).
As a Japanese muslimah, I really want to wear hijab daily, but there are some conditions so I could not do it.
At the end of year, I will come to my husband's family and I am considering to bring WATASI JAPAN's product as present.
The hijab also easy to wear even for children and I think it is very convenient.
More over, WATASI JAPAN's products are made in Japan. I can proudly show it to everyone.
I think it will be better if it has more variant of colours and patterns.
I am looking forward for it.

Costumer reviews about WATASI JAPAN's products.

  • Mrs. Asri (Fukushima, Japan)
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The inner and instant hijab from WATASI JAPAN are very easy to wear. The fabric of the inner very good and make the inner very cool. The stitches of the instant hijab very neat and strong. The original thread from Japan that used for the inner and hijab is one of the charms.

  • Mrs. Ira (Fukushima, Japan)

The Kimono Hijab from WATASI JAPAN has Japanese traditional patterns and I enjoy the Japanese unique atmosphere while wearing the Hijab. I think the Kimono Hijab is really suitable for souvenir to Indonesia.

    With Japan-authentic flower, WATASI JAPAN's Sakura Hijab is very beautiful. The pattern gives a calm and elegant image. The fabric is very cool and suitable with tropical-weather like Indonesia.

    You can see about her review about our Inner Hijab here (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    I went to Tsukiji area with a friend. I was wearing a beautiful hijab from WATASI JAPAN, and this hijab is really comfortable. The hijab inner also keep your hair perfectly. If you often do outdoor activities, hijab from WATASI JAPAN will makes you feel comfortable, even on a sunny day. Alhamdulillah!


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